Melnyka street, Juzefa-Franc villaWhen the house was built, it was surrounded with the gardens of the Nowy Swiat area of Lviv. This region was designed by famous Lviv architects, Dr. Yulian Zakharevich and entrepreneur Ivan Levynsky, as a garden – town for the local intellectual elite class, where individual houses of the wealthy citizens were buried in verdures of abundant gardens. They have purchased a large plot of land with interesting landscape and a few ponds in order to implement this idea and were rather successful.

Kotliarevskoho – Nabeliaka streetThe property in the area immediately became the most expensive in the city of Lviv. In the 1907 the tram line #2 was introduced to connect this area with the Vienna Café in the center.

But in the 1920s the growing population housing needs pushed the city architects to reconsider the approach and the area was built up with commercial apartment buildings.

Chuprynky street, Platsyd-Dziwiński villaToday our gardened villa is a part of a short busy street, joining 2 major arteries of the city.

A few groceries, bakeries, a big farmer market, exchange office, barber shop, buses and tram #2 stations are all nearby just down the street. No fancy restaurants, souvenir shops and crowds of tourists in our area!

Konovalcia street,
Olexander-Krzeczunowicz villa
In order to really appreciate this unique part of Lviv, you need to be on a relaxed schedule for a quiet walk along the beautiful secession villas of Konovalcia, Gipsova and Kotliarevskoho streets, take a walk to the Rynok square by Chuprynki and Kopernika streets, passing by the beautiful St. Maria Magdlena Cathedral, Sapegi Palace, Potocky Palace, feel the ambiance of our old city 100 years ago.

Otherwise just enjoy the quiet hospitality of our apartment and have a good rest before another busy day in Lviv!

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